JKA Karate Camp (JKA Gasshaku 2024) In Dubai

JKA SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB recently concluded its highly successful 5th JKA Karate Camp, held from May 10th to 13th in various locations including Al Nahda 2, Silicon Oasis, and Fujairah. The primary objective of these camps was to raise awareness about the importance of JKA Kihon, Kata, And Kumite. The esteemed event featured Katsutoshi Shiina Sensei, an 8th Dan Technical Director and Executive Director of JKA, as the guest instructor. Shiina Sensei, renowned for his profound knowledge and expertise in JKA Karate, provided comprehensive instruction On Kihon, Kata, and Kumite, ensuring that all participants, including instructors, received focused and personalized training.
With a meticulous approach to ensuring every participant received individualized attention, the camp was divided into sessions tailored for both adults and children based on their respective kyu ranks. This structure ensured that beginners, intermediates, and experts all received appropriate and effective instruction, making the camp beneficial for all skill levels.
The inaugural ceremony of JKA SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB’s new dojo in Dubai Silicon Oasis marked a momentous occasion. This new facility will serve as a central hub for JKA Karate classes in Dubai, attracting both residents and those from nearby areas. Graced by Shiina Sensei himself, the ceremony emphasized the importance of standardization in JKA Karate through focused sessions on Kihon, Kata and application in Kumite. This dojo is expected to become a premier location for traditional karate training in the region.
Subsequent days saw dedicated training for kyu grades, with Shiina Sensei’s expertise extending to Fujairah City. In Fujairah, he led a mixed class focusing on Heian Kata, Gohon Kumite, and Kihon Waza, showcasing his commitment to nurturing karate talent across the region. These sessions were designed to deepen participants’ understanding and skill in JKA Karate, making Fujairah a key location for future karate training camps and workshops.
For those interested in joining JKA Karate classes, JKA SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB offers regular sessions across various locations, including Al Nahda 2, Silicon Oasis, Al Furjan and Fujairah. Whether you are a beginner looking for “Karate classes near me” or an advanced practitioner seeking specialized “JKA Shotokan Karate training,” our club provides tailored programs to meet your needs.
Participants are encouraged to explore the new dojo in Dubai Silicon Oasis, which offers state-of-the-art facilities for karate training. Additionally, those in Al Nahda 2, Al Furjan and Fujairah can benefit from our expertly led sessions, ensuring high-quality instruction in JKA Karate. For more details and to register for upcoming classes, please visit our website or contact us directly.
In summary, the 5th JKA Karate Camp was a resounding success, significantly contributing to the development and standardization of JKA Karate in the region. With expert instruction from Shiina Sensei and a focus on Kihon, Kata, and Kumite, participants gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of JKA Karate. Our ongoing classes and new dojo in Dubai Silicon Oasis continue this mission, providing excellent opportunities for karate enthusiasts at all levels.