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How do I become a member?

For Joining as a member of karate club requires filling out an application form and paying the appropriate membership fees. We offer two kinds of membership: Sibling Membership, for people interested in joining as siblings; and Individual Membership, for people interested in joining the Club as an individual. Attend to the studio physically for more details.

Is there a any Dojo/Studio/Branch somewhere near me?

Probably. We have many branches in UAE. Please call us now.

Can I make my payments via card?

Yes, you can make your payment in cash as well as card.. 

Am I able to participate for the competitions?

It's up to you. If you're willing to participate for the competition, we can make it from local to international level competitions. 

How do I get more Information?

You can go through our website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. If there is any clarification, do not hesitate to call for us.

How can I buy a uniform (karate gi) ?

Yes, You can buy our club when you join



Embarking on the journey of joining a karate class has been a transformative experience, one filled with physical, mental, and even spiritual growth. Karate, as a martial art, has not only honed my self-defense skills but has also cultivated valuable life lessons.